Inside Job

Meet and Greet in Moldova

After Action Report #228392-LM288

Filed by: Wilhelm Graves, 3ST Cleric (C89377-xxx)

Paladins: The Doctor (48934-000), Valkyrie (99083-CZV), Uriel (26749-CKL)

Location: Chisinau, Moldova

Primary Mission: Investigate reported hostile nocturne presence

Strains Indicated: ZM-01, -02, GL-03, VP-01


Upon arrival on site, Paladins were to rendezvous at Taul Park in Chisinau, at midnight local. Valkyrie and Uriel tracked separate groups of zombies to the site where they attacked the Doctor. The Paladins engaged and eliminated all hostiles present. Cleanup team not necessary, protocols followed.

Uriel tracked the attacking zombies back to a warehouse on the outskirts of Chisinau. The warehouse was, in fact, the suspected nest, but it had been abandoned.

Paladins proceeded to Chapter House MC-001 and found that it had been compromised. Three Squires KIA (see addendum A-4), three missing. Search of premises indicated no forced entry, rapid strike. Armory was intact, one HD missing (THD-33849-00394). Site secured, backup team dispatched.

Further investigation in the city turned up a lead. Soroca Fortress was a frequent hangout for local teens after-hours, however, in recent weeks, no one was going there. This lead the Paladins to suspect a GH-03 was using the site as a base of operations. Upon descending to the cellars beneath the fortress, the Paladins encountered one of the Squires, now a GH-03, a clutch of zombies feeding on prisoners, and a VP-01. The Paladins engaged the hostiles, eliminating the zombies and the ghoul first, then turning to the vampire. In the course of the engagement, Uriel received a broken ulna and radius, a concussion, as well as numerous contusions, the Doctor sustained a fractured sternum, and Valkyrie sustained minor scrapes and bruises.


The vampire, identified post-immolation as Fedor Nikolaevich Varvarovca (new VP index VP2943-HDR9), set up operations as a probe into Moldova by House Draco. We will be establishing a forward base in Chisinau in the form of two Chapter Houses, with support facilities in the surrounding countryside. The 88th Templar Specials will be permanently reassigned to Moldova, along with their Squire companies and retinues. Clans Kalare and Zarvavich have been notified of their Paladins’ status.

Paladin team provisionally formed, Index PX-271.

Individual reports may follow.


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