The Accord

The Accord is the ancient agreement reached by the werewolves of the Wolf Nation and the Templars. It sets out the rules for contact between the two and the consequences of breaches.

In the years leading up to the 1123 AD Conclave and the signing of the Accord, conflicts between the Nocturnes and humans escalated to the point where the Church and several human governments thought all-out war was inevitable. The vampires hunted indiscriminately, zombies and ghouls roamed the streets at night, and rumors from North Africa hinted at the terrible possibility of the Pharaohs stirring in their crypts.

Into this volatile situation, a Templar Paladin named Jonathan Montague proposed to the Templar High Council that a treaty be struck with the werewolves, the only breed of Nocturne that did not hunt man. Monatgue knew that open war would be catastrophe. Only with the aid of the werewolves could a balance be struck. He convinced the High Council to request that Pope Calixtus convene a secret Conclave of the leaders of the civilized world and representatives of the Wolf Nation, to be held during the upcoming Council of Lateran. Calixtus agreed and the Conclave met in a nearby governmental villa for the next fortnight. After much deliberation and several blood-trials, the Conclave emerged at the end with a binding agreement. The Templars would be available to any signatory nation and those nations would pay tribute to fund their activities. The Wolf Nation and the Templars would share information, personnel, and support in their pursuit of the Nocturne threat.

Today the Accord includes nearly every civilized nation and the Conclave still convenes, under the guise of the Bilderburger Group.

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The Accord

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