Zombies are animated corpses or near-corpses of those bitten by another zombie. They first appear in the Templar Codex Nocturnis in 1819 in Congo, believed to be created by some kind of disease coupled with a local shamanistic curse on the dead. By 1907, they had made their way to the United States and were being regularly hunted by Templar forces. Though mindless, they also can be found under the thrall of a ghoul or other master.

Zombie physiology is, as with most of the ‘undead’ class of Nocturnes, not completely understood. Unless controlled by another Nocturne (all of the other undead can do this), they are nearly mindless, aware only of their hunger for flesh. The level of physical damage and decay should preclude any animation at all, never mind the small detail that most of them are, in fact, clinically dead. They are stronger than they appear, though the are not superhuman. They have no enhanced durability, but they can keep moving, attacking, and as long as they can feed, regenerating, until the brain experiences significant trauma, or is separated from the body. No special weapons or materials are needed to dispatch a zombie.

The bite of a zombie is lethal in less than an hour unless an antidote is administered. Once deceased, the corpse will reanimate and begin its quest for food, unless controlled by another. One in every fifty zombie victims will rise as a ghoul. The rate of reproduction coupled with the possibility of spawning a more powerful Nocturne, makes zombies a nuisance that must be put down completely when found.


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