The Templar Society

The Templar Society is the modern descendant and heir of the medieval Order of the Temple. They have evolved into an international security organization specializing in paranormal operations. Working hand-in-hand with the Bilderburger Group and in cooperation with the United Nations Special Security Council, the Templars are called in to investigate and/or eliminate paranormal threats, specifically concerning Nocturnes.


The public history of the Order of the Temple is well-known. But truth parts from fiction long before the Crusades. In 325 AD, at the First Council of Nicea, the Council created and consecrated a group of men as warrior-priests to hunt the Nocturnes. The group they formed was known simply as The Lodge.

The members of The Lodge began to seek out and kill as many nocturnes as they could find. Over the course of the next eight hundred years, the Lodge functioned as the secret protector of Europe, funded and supported by the Catholic Church.

Around 1119, the official story of Hugues de Payens and his relative Godfrey de Saint-Omer creating the Order was concocted to cover the activities of the Lodge, which was then protecting the route from Jaffa to Jerusalem. After this the Lodge was referred to as the Order of the Temple. The remaining history of the Templars is true as far as it goes, but overall it served as a cover story. Prominent Templar battles often included combatants that were left out of official accounts. In 1123, during the First Council of Lateran, the Pope convened a Conclave of the leaders of the known world and the Wolf Nation, and signed the Accord.

History again deviates at the supposed end of the Order, when they were merged with the Hospitallers by the Pope. According to the Chinon parchment, Pope Clement pardoned all of the Templars in 1308, before disbanding the order in 1312. This is true, what is fiction is that this was the end of the order. Pope Clement secretly re-consecrated the Order of the Temple to the task of combating “the evil that goes by night”, free of any restrictions, Papal or otherwise. Their previous wealth was quietly funneled back to them and they went underground.

For over six hundred years, Templar Knights and Paladins searched out the Nocturnes and pushed their numbers back. During World War Two, the Templars fought Hitler’s occult forces across the globe, retrieving ancient artifacts and bits of arcane knowledge before the Nazis could. With the inception of the United Nations and the Security Council, the Special Security Council was also created to police the paranormal threats that member nations faced. The SSC is a clandestine group, meeting in secret.

Today, the Templar Society is known publicly as a charitable and aid organization. It has significant resources and does legitimate charity work around the world. Under the surface is the most advanced paramilitary organization on the planet, with Chapter Houses in every major city, and a central Keep in France. It is a multi-national force, taking its members from every walk of life and every scientific and martial discipline.


The Templar Society is an quasi-autonomous security organization with ties to the Bilderburger Group and the United Nations. They are accountable to the Conclave through annual reports and regular updates. Beyond adjunct and administrative personnel, the ranks of the Templars are broken down like so:


Squires are the associate field personnel charged with assisting and providing resources for Knights and paladins. They function as intelligence gatherers, armorers, and medics. They provide materiel support as well as tactical analysis and recommendation. The Squires are pulled from the ranks of intelligence agencies, standing armies, and clandestine services. Knights and Paladins who want to survive to fight another day learn quickly to trust the judgement and faculties these essential personnel provide.


Knights are the rank-and-file paramilitary arm of the Templars. Recruited from special forces and elite military units from around the world, the Knights represent the best of the best in conventional military might. Clad in next-generation armor and sporting advanced weaponry, Templar Knights are capable men and women who can take just about whatever is thrown at them. If a threat is too potent, or requires a specialized solution, the Paladins are called in.


Paladins are the specialists, the heavy duty combat and troubleshooting field personnel that are expected to adapt and overcome any possible scenario. They are called upon to defeat superhuman threats that Knights alone cannot defeat. Paladins can come from any occupation and skill set, including priests, martial artists, military personnel, criminals, mystics, monks, lawmen, and scientists. Often seeming more than human themselves, they also have access to the vast arsenal of the Templar Society. Everything from knives, bows, and slings to high-frequency blades, directed energy weapons, and intelligent munitions are at their disposal. If the Templars don’t have it, they can manufacture it. Paladins are the last line of defense for humanity.

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Clerics are the command-level officers who oversee Paladin teams and whole legions of Knights and Squires. Clerics are often former Paladins who have managed to survive the lethal world of monster-hunting, and have returned to lead others in the defense of mankind.

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