The shapeshifters called werewolves are something of an anomaly in the world of the Nocturnes. They are one of the few breeds that are not considered undead, and, aside from a few rogue tribes, have allied themselves with the Templars in huunting the Nocturnes.

The Codex Nocturnis of the Templars trace the origins of the werewolf back to ancient Greece. Their official entry into the Codex occurs in 675 AD, in Wales, before the Accord. The Templars have no definitive theories about the origins of the werewolves, and genetic evidence indicates that they simply should not exist. Over the centuries, it became clear that these creatures were unlike their monstrous kin. While they were indeed predators, and even predators of men, they were not mindless or malicious, often killing only those who threatened their tribes or nature itself. The werewolves had a special enmity for vampires that continues today. With the Accord, the Templars made the unprecedented move of reaching out to the werewolf tribes in an effort to join forces. After weeks of deliberation and blood-trials, the Wolf Nation joined the Templars in their cause to hunt those Nocturnes who preyed on mankind and defiled nature. This did, however, cause a schism in the werewolf tribes. Four tribes dissented and went rogue: Moondancer, Redtooth, Bloodmist, and Silverclaw. The alliance between the Templars and the Wolf Nation endures to this day and they routinely exchange information, training, and personnel.

Werewolves can shift between human and wolf at will and can halt the transformation in the middle, creating a third form standing 7-8 feet tall, weighing over 400 lbs, with fantastic strength, senses, speed, and regeneration. They are very difficult to injure, since most of their wounds heal near instantly, and have strength that can rival the most powerful vampire soldier. They hunt at night, and are stronger in moonlight. Werewolves can track prey by scent alone, and have incredibly acute physical senses. The only way to permanently injure a werewolf, apart from dismemberment or decapitation, is to use a silver weapon. They are repelled by the scent of the aconitum flower, or wolfsbane. Consecrated items or relics have no effect on werewolves.


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